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Why Luxury Rehabs Have a Better Success Rate

Rehab treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of program and the center’s ability to reach each individual patient’s needs. What makes someone successful in their treatment efforts depend on whether they are in the right situation that feels most comfortable to them. People in rehab need to be able to focus on learning
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Can A Sober Coach Prevent Relapse?

Rehab can be a life changing experience that teaches you how to handle the first few months sobriety with the help of committed staff members. However, transitioning out of the rehab facility to living sober in your own home can be a major struggle with plenty of ups and downs. When people leave rehab they
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Specialty Treatment at Luxury Rehab

People who attend rehab often have very specific needs that need to be addressed and they might look for unique kinds of treatment. Standard rehab centers can have limited treatment approaches and often have a “one size fits all” type of program that doesn’t work for everyone. People in need of specialty treatment might instead
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Is an Intervention Specialist Necessary?

When someone you love has been struggling with a drug or alcohol problem you might worry about the best approach to talk to them about getting help. Everyone hopes that an addict will make the right choice and quit their habit in many cases it can be difficult to reach that resolution. Sometimes addicts are
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