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5 Advantages of an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Alcohol addiction, otherwise known as alcoholism, is a serious illness that affects millions of Americans. In spite of how common it is, a large proportion of people suffering from alcoholism never get treatment. There are a number of reasons people are reluctant to enter an alcohol addiction treatment program, but they are far outweighed by
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Is Social Media Addiction Real?

Over the past few decades, we have begun to better understand behavioral addictions. These are addictions to behaviors rather than substances. While initially not considered to be equivalent to substance use, due to the lack of physical dependence, behavioral addictions finally became diagnosable as such. In the years since, gambling addiction, sex addiction, and other
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Am I Addicted to Coffee?

Recovering addicts understand that one addiction can be replaced by another. They are wary of behaviors that may become substitutes that are just as harmful as their addiction. As such, many people leaving rehab ask themselves if they are addicted to coffee. This is not a simple question to answer. After all, if you do
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What is the Connection between Addiction and Self-Harm?

Not all people addicted to substances self-harm and not all people who self-harm become addicted to substances. However, there is a correlation between the two. While self-harm is not a symptom of addiction, there is a connection between the two. Why is there a connection between addiction and self-harm? There are a number of potential
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Is Sex Addiction a Real Condition?

Sex addiction is something that comes up fairly often in media these days. Many films and TV series have portrayed characters with sex addiction. Celebrities like Kendrick Lamar and Jada Pinkett Smith have opened up about struggling with it. But many people are skeptical about whether sex addiction is a real condition. While it is
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What does it Mean to be Codependent?

The concept of codependency comes up a lot when discussing addiction. However, many people misunderstand its meaning. Beyond a poor interpretation of the term, there is a lot of misinformation about what you are supposed to do about codependency. What does it really mean to be codependent and why is it connected to addiction? Do
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The Myth about Addiction Most People Believe

Addiction is a complex illness, but that has not prevented simplistic portrayals of it in books and on the screen. While there are many myths about addiction that are propagated in fiction, there is one particular myth that sometimes even makes it into otherwise accurate portrayals of substance abuse. Unfortunately, it is a myth that
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These Types of Addictions are More Common than you think

Did you know that not all addictions are substance based? In fact, there are a number of addictions to different types of behaviors. These addictions are not always taken seriously by friends and family because they equate addiction with substances, but they can nonetheless destroy lives and require treatment. One of the reasons people do
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How to Approach Addiction Recovery as an Executive

Anyone who has made it to an executive role in a company has worked hard, making sacrifices along the way. For many executives, work/life balance is simply unattainable. Work always seems to take over. As such, they start using alcohol and substances to deal with stress or to give them a boost. Addiction is therefore
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What We Can and Can’t Learn from Troubling Rehab Statistics

It is impossible to say how many people leave rehab having successfully recovered. Addiction is not a simple illness and it can be extremely difficult to measure recovery. However, there are experts who put the number of people who find success at rehab at just 5%. This is a number that has become fairly well-known,
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Do Addiction Treatment Centers Need To Modernize?

Many addiction treatment centers take a very traditional approach to treatment. They use systems like the 12 Step Program which was created decades ago. Now, there is a lot of evidence that these programs work to some extent. But should we have moved beyond them in the twenty-first century? The question of whether addiction treatment
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3 Ways to Fight the Stigma around Addiction

In 2022, there is still a stigma surrounding mental illness but it is less significant than ever before. People are far more aware of how common mental illness is and that it is not a sign of weakness. However, the stigma around addiction is still very strong. Addictions, or substance use disorders, are mental illnesses.
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