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3 Tips to Avoid Relapse after Leaving Rehab

Many people are under the mistaken impression that rehab is never a once-off experience. They believe that most addicts relapse not long after leaving rehab and have to re-enter a program over and over again. This is a perception that was created by traditional rehabs and perpetuated by the media. The good news is that
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3 Types of Breathing to Help Manage Cravings

When you are addicted to a substance, there is no surefire way of getting rid of cravings completely. Even once you have detoxed from the substance and are no longer physically dependent on it, you may feel cravings. They may mostly be minor cravings that do not have the power to divert you from your
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3 Tips for New Mothers who have been to Rehab

Motherhood can be quite intimidating for women who are recovering addicts. While rehab may have been extremely successful, becoming a mother is a whole new challenge. It was probably not something you prepared for in rehab. There are many reasons recovering addicts may find the prospect of motherhood frightening. The pain you feel after childbirth
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3 Benefits of Going to a Luxury Rehab Center

It has taken a long time for people to start recognizing that addiction is an illness. The good news is that people are coming around to the idea. However, there are still many people who consider rehab to be some kind of punishment. This can apply even to the most enlightened addict or ally. It
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All you need to know about luxury rehab facilities

What is a luxury rehab center? It is a place where you can go to deal with substance abuse, mental health or other problems and still have all of the luxuries of home. They are not “lock-down” facilities and the programs are specifically customized to fit the exact needs and wants of the client. The
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How Likely Am I To Relapse After Rehab?

Every addict who enters rehab asks the same question. How likely am I to relapse after I leave? It is a tough question and it seems very compelling. But is there an answer at all? It is no secret that many recovering addicts relapse more than once. People who are skeptical of rehabs point to
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Is It Worth Going To Rehab In Your Later Years?

Inpatient rehab is the most effective way to treat alcohol and substance abuse disorders. But is it worth starting treatment in your later years? My mother was sixty-eight when she could no longer deny she was addicted to alcohol and sleeping pills. She was admitted to hospital, where she got detox treatment. However, when we
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Why The Best Addiction Treatment Centers Reject “Just Say No”

In the 1980s, as part of the so-called war on drugs, First Lady Nancy Reagan initiated the “Just Say No” campaign. The idea was simple. They would create awareness of the dangers of drug addiction and encourage young people to reject drugs: just say no. However, the best addiction treatment centers today reject this slogan
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5 Things The Best Rehabs In The US Have In Common

As of 2019, there were almost 16,000 rehab centers in the United States. California had the biggest share by far, with almost 1,800. That might seem like a massive pool to choose from if you are considering substance abuse treatment. Of course, you can narrow them down according to which centers take your insurance, where
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My Experience In A Luxury Rehab Center

A few years back, if you had brought up the topic of luxury rehab centers, I would have been cynical. The term brings to mind a glorified resort where the rich and famous go to give people the semblance that they are actually trying. At best, I would have considered luxury rehab to be an
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How Does Addiction Start?

People around the world, from all walks of life can potentially suffer from addiction. Whether male or female, old or young, rich or poor, addiction does not discriminate.  So how exactly does an addiction develop? According to the Washington Post, “The rising death and addiction toll has followed a decade-long surge in the distribution of
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Why the Opioid Crisis Is Bigger than Politics

The opioid crisis is so widespread that it is a crucial topic that many presidential candidates will be covering in the upcoming election. The question is, should the opioid crisis even be a topic of debate? Most feel this is not a bipartisan issue, more so a matter of life and death than politics. Although
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