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5 Types Of People To Avoid After Rehab

On leaving drug and alcohol rehab, many recovering addicts assume that they need to avoid any location where alcohol is served. They avoid parties where people are likely to drink or do recreational drugs. While avoiding places like these can help you maintain your sobriety, the amount of danger more often depends on the people
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Top Programs For The Families Of Addicts In Recovery

Addiction is often described as a family disease. This is only in part because the actions of the addict negatively impact the family. The reality is that when a member of a family becomes addicted to substances, the entire family system is altered. This can be seen most clearly in the case of codependent relationships.
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3 Mindfulness Techniques To Help Reduce Cravings

Mindfulness is intrinsically linked to addiction treatment, regardless of treatment philosophy. After all, recovering addicts need to resist or simply get through cravings, and mindfulness provides the primary tools to weather the moment. Mindfulness teaches you to be present, to feel your emotions and physical sensations rather than avoiding them, and to observe them without
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3 Creative Outlets To Try Without Spending Money

Creative pursuits provide ideal outlets for recovering addicts. They give you space to do something entirely for yourself, and can become incredibly meaningful. With time, you can begin to understand yourself better by expressing what is inside you without your mind getting in the way. However, many recovering addicts never pursue creative outlets, even though
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These Are The Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts Available Free

Are you looking for the best addiction recovery podcasts? The podcasts discussed below are all available for free on multiple platforms. It took me a long time to get into the world of podcasts. I thought that the whole thing was self-indulgent: arrogant people who thought they were interesting enough to put their conversations online
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Tips To Navigate Holidays As A Recovering Addict

It’s no secret that holidays are the most difficult time for many recovering addicts. After all, they not only remind us of previous years of substance abuse, but also tend to put us in close contact with those substances. The chances are that any party you attend will have alcohol available at least. But avoiding
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Using The Mindfulness Principle Of Beginner’s Mind For Addiction

One of the reasons mindfulness is an effective complementary treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is that it reframes the way you see the world. For someone struggling with addiction, the world can seem like a very cold and hopeless place. You might have experienced a lot of suffering, and may see few possibilities ahead.
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Here Is How Music Therapy Can Help In Treating Addiction

Music therapy is a supplementary therapy modality that is used in treating mental illness. Recently, addiction centers have started offering music therapy as part of addiction treatment. What is music therapy and what part does it play in addiction recovery? What is Music Therapy? Music therapy involves the use of music to facilitate the experience
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The Link Between Addiction Recovery And Self-Discovery

Ray is a musician who became addicted to methamphetamines. After overdosing, Ray spent a couple of months in drug rehab, during which they embraced the program and became optimistic about life once again. They also began to identify as gender-neutral, using the pronouns “they/them”. When I heard Ray’s story, it resonated with me. Not because
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Alternative Eastern Treatments For Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a complex illness and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. In fact, more rehabs are recognizing the need to introduce alternative therapies. Over the past few years, ancient Eastern practices have become popular in the field of addiction treatment and wellness in general. While most people are now familiar with the use of mindfulness
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Should I Go To A Non-12 Step Rehab?

The 12 Step Program, under the umbrella of which Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) fall, is seen by many as the gold standard for addiction recovery. But did you know that there are non-12 step rehabs which report high success rates? Here is what you need to know. Why don’t we hear about
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The Unexpected Mental Health Benefits Of Attending Rehab

Many people don’t expect much more from drug and alcohol rehab than a detox along with some skills to resist the urges to drink or use drugs. They imagine that they will go from treatment right back into the same problematic space that they were in before. This is one of many reasons people are
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