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3 Creative Outlets To Try Without Spending Money

Creative pursuits provide ideal outlets for recovering addicts. They give you space to do something entirely for yourself, and can become incredibly meaningful. With time, you can begin to understand yourself better by expressing what is inside you without your mind getting in the way.

However, many recovering addicts never pursue creative outlets, even though they see the value in them. The problem is that we have learned that doing something for ourselves is selfish and that we don’t “deserve” it. This could not be further from the truth, but it still hamstrings us.

It would be hard enough to put time into a creative activity even if it was entirely free. But many creative pursuits are expensive, and we find it even harder to justify spending money on them, especially if we’re not sure they are the best outlet for us.

The good news is that there are creative outlets you can try without spending much money or anything at all. These are 3 of the most popular.
Poetry Writing

1. Drawing

Creating art can be particularly fulfilling. You express what you are feeling without having to think or to be coherent. However, if you want to start painting, you will need an outlay of funds – paints, brushes, easels, and canvases can all add up.

Drawing, on the other hand, requires nothing but a pencil, eraser, and sketchbook. You can start drawing without learning anything first, considering that you know how to use a pencil. Because you are doing this for your own fulfillment, your drawings do not have to appeal to others (or even be seen by them).

If you do want to learn to draw better, there are tons of free YouTube videos for any skill level.

2. Sing

Many people love singing but don’t believe they have the ability to sing well. They therefore avoid singing so as not to “sound bad.” However, singing is a learned skill. Chances are you can improve your singing, even if you are never going to be a professional vocalist.

Singing requires only your voice, and there are free videos online that teach you how to use your voice. There are also affordable courses which teach everything you need to learn in order to unleash the creative power within you.

You may face the problem of not having anywhere private to sing. After all, it is difficult to explore your voice if you’re scared others are listening. Try singing in your car if you have nowhere else. Alternatively, see if you can use a basement or storage closet that is reasonably soundproof.

3. Write poetry

Journalling is very useful as an activity for recovering addicts. It can keep you grounded, aware of what is going on inside you. However, because it is so on the nose, it can feel more like work than creative expression.

This is where poetry comes in. Poetry is very subjective. It is a way of writing that allows you to break all the rules. You don’t need to tell a story or be at all clear in what you’re trying to get across. Anything that comes straight from the heart will be incredibly satisfying.

Writing poetry requires absolutely no capital spend. You can use your computer or pen and paper. You could even record yourself on your phone if you don’t want to physically write it down.

The above creative outlets are affordable enough to try out with very little at stake. Give yourself permission to take the time in pursuing the creative expression you deserve.

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