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What is inpatient treatment?

Inpatient treatment is exactly as it sounds – the patient is in treatment or at a facility for the majority of their treatment. Inpatient substance abuse treatment gives patients the opportunity to take time out from day-to-day life to focus on their substance abuse problem. All inpatient rehab centers are different, but they share certain basics. They all require patients to stay full-time, rather than leaving at night or on weekends. Patients attend group sessions as well as individual counseling. Depending on the inpatient treatment center, they may have the choice to take advantage of nutritionists, occupational therapists, art therapy, and other holistic treatment types.

Benefits of inpatient treatment centers

Residential treatment at an inpatient treatment center has many benefits. First of all, a change in environment for a person that has become addicted to substances can make all the difference in the world. You may have tried many times to maintain sobriety for an extended period time but it is too easy to go back to old habits in the same environment. Inpatient substance abuse treatment is a break from everything – a peaceful, stable environment where you can focus on yourself and make true progress so that going back to old patterns or getting triggered by old issues is a thing of the past. While treatment does not end after inpatient substance abuse treatment, it is the most significant step towards recovery that you can take.

Almost all substance users can benefit from staying in an inpatient rehab center. However, if you are unsure whether inpatient treatment is for you, take the following into consideration.

Do You Need Inpatient Rehab For Substance Abuse?

Inpatient substance abuse treatment is the right choice for you if you are suffering from long-term substance use. While NA meetings and outpatient programs can help, those who have tried over and over again to quit, or who are approaching or have hit rock bottom, most likely need inpatient substance abuse treatment. At inpatient rehab centers, you will find around-the-clock care that covers all of your needs. Rather than simply attending sessions or groups, your entire stay will be centered around recovery.

Since you’re inside the inpatient rehab center throughout, there is no chance of relapse. Residents are free to leave the program whenever they choose, by law, but those who commit to staying have the guarantee that their inpatient substance abuse treatment won’t end until they have significant time clean.

At inpatient substance abuse treatment, all activities are supervised and all clients receive adequate nutrition and care 24/7. Individual and group therapy occur daily if not multiple times a day and there is ample time to check in and talk about issues and triggers that cause you to use or drink. Another benefit of staying in an inpatient rehab center is in having all nutritious meals prepared on-site. Creating healthy habits around nutrition and lifestyle are essential to sustaining long-term recovery.

Luxury Inpatient Rehab Centers

For executives and professionals that need to attend to work, many luxury rehab programs offer inpatient treatment that can work with you to customize a program that is supportive and ideal for you. Choosing the right inpatient treatment center can be difficult but our comprehensive resources can help you learn and choose wisely.

Get the help you deserve!

Luxury inpatient treatment centers will give you the opportunity to get the help you not only need but deserve. Addiction to substances is an illness that requires time and resources from which to recover. Our inpatient treatment centers give you everything you need to make the necessary changes in your life. If you’re looking for more information on outpatient treatment click here.

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