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Extended Care of Long Term Care Facilities

Outpatient treatment

Extended care for drug and alcohol abuse includes outpatient treatment.  Outpatient programs are similar in philosophy to inpatient or residential treatment centers however you do not live onsite at the facility. These programs can work with a person’s schedule and are meant to be a transitional period for someone that has undergone inpatient treatment or can act as primary treatment if the addiction is less severe.  Outpatient treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention programs, and education.

Sober living facilities

Sober living facilities also referred to as sober living environments (SLEs) or sober living homes are a great transition between treatment and home.  These homes are a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment that provide structure and support for a few weeks up to months after treatment.  There are usually some house rules meant to help people stay accountable and prevent relapse.  These requirements can include a 100% clean and sober environment with random drug test, on-time payment for stay and involvement in work, school or an outpatient program.

Sober coaching

Sober coaching has become popular over the last few years and can prove to be extremely beneficial to individuals who have had trouble staying sober in the past or work well with another person to stay accountable.  A sober coach or companion is with a person 24/7 and is usually also sober themselves.


Individual or group therapy sessions are recommended especially if this was a forum found helpful in inpatient or outpatient therapy.  Therapists are non-judgmental and are usually seen between one and two times a week or once every other week.  Having a person keep your confidentiality and know all of your triggers and issues can have a great positive impact on sustained recovery.

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