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Find Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers, California

At Luxury Rehab we are happy to help in finding the right individual centered, sciencebased, and evidence driven addiction treatment centers in California that offer extremely personalized addiction recovery programs for patients.

Here we have listed some of the best rehabs in California that provide a full continuum of care and high-level addiction recovery programs where patients gradually build on an approach to recovery which lasts for a lifetime. At Luxury Rehab we understand addicted person’s life situations and help those in finding the best rehab center where they can overcome psychological issues they face.

If you are looking for a luxurious addiction treatment center in California then your search ends here, find the most trusted and result oriented centers.

How to choose the right Addiction Recovery Center?

Addiction to any kind of intoxicant leads to severe consequences that can be relationship breakups, job loss, mental illness, or various physical illnesses. Still, people feel helpless while giving up an addiction habit because the toxins of drugs deeply immerse in your skin tissues and internal organs.

If you are living in California and looking for the best luxury addiction treatment centers then consider Luxury Rehab as your true source to find the best rehab centers for long-term sobriety. When you choose any of the recovery centers mentioned here you can expect the most advanced treatment with luxurious comforts.

All the treatment centers listed here provide treatment in the most comfortable setting, customize recovery programs as per unique needs to the patient, friendly environment where patients can recover faster and fully cooperate for treatment.

List of the Best Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers in California

Season Malibu Logo


Seasons is a CARF accredited addiction treatment center located in Malibu, California which treats a wide rage of addictions. Along with drug and alcohol abuse they also provide treatment for adults with mental health disorders… Read More

For Inquiry Call On: 866-753-0876

Serenity Malibu Logo


Serenity Malibu is the finest addiction treatment center in Malibu, offering treatment for executives and professionals minutes away from the beach. The Serenity team provides world-class addiction treatment in an amenity-rich mansion. Featured on Psychology Today as one of the top addiction treatment centers in California, Serenity provides top-notch treatment to adults suffering with addiction problems… Read More

For Inquiry Call On: 888-257-6934

Seasons Agoura Logo


Seasons Agora a California recovery center provides treatment to adults suffering with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Located in the beautiful town of Agoura, California they provide holistic treatment modalities along with one on one therapy that allows the individual to heal, recover, and live purposeful life… Read More

The Cottage Logo


The Cottage is a CARF accredited addiction recovery center in Malibu, California that provides luxury mental health treatment in a beautiful cottage in the hills of Malibu. Treatment of depression, PTSD, trauma, anxiety and other mental disorders are addressed at The Cottage. The friendly and professional staff have decades of experience in treatment mental health disorders… Read More

For Inquiry Call On: 855-869-5332

Luxury Facilities to Expect from Premium Addiction Treatment Centers:

Luxury Rehabs listed here are meant to offer the best treatment and a high level of comfort for their patients. Here you can find resort-style addiction treatment centers that offer various treatments to fight against addiction. The goal of these treatment centers is to offer the most comfortable environment to their patients and at the same time provide superior quality addiction treatments for quick recovery.

Below is the list of some of the premium facilities you can expect from the luxurious addiction treatment centers recommended here:

1) Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great mind soothing treatment to rejuvenate a person mentally. The main purpose of aromatherapy is to detoxify a person from mental aspects. The essential oils are helpful in providing relief from drug withdrawal symptoms.

2) Rapid detoxification

This is something more advanced than normal detoxification. The rapid detox is meant for releasing toxins from the body as faster as possible. At luxury detox centers, the use of dexmedetomidine under general anesthesia, regulating exercise sessions, and special diet charts are combined together for preparing a patient physically for addiction recovery.

3) Five-star chefs

There must be some confusion regarding food quality in luxury rehab centers in the US. Expect exotic dishes from the cuisine of five-star chefs. For maintaining the interest of patients in addiction recovery treatment, we take special care of your food quality and flavors.

4) Yoga and other holistic approaches

When it comes to getting rid of the addiction, we also consider the impact of a holistic approach. Therapies like meditation and yoga are very helpful in balancing the mind and concentration.

5) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not only meant for pain relief and blood flow but also soothe the mind of an addict. This is a mind-relaxing therapy helpful in fighting with withdrawal symptoms.

Alone in California, our premium luxury addiction treatment centers are situated in four different locations. Check in the google map to know about drug treatment centers near you and book your appointment.

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