Non 12-Step Rehab

What is non 12-step rehab?

Non 12-step Rehab is essential in some cases for long-term recovery.  Both treatment philosophies have their pros and cons.  In cases where a patient has yet to benefit for a 12-step based program, a different approach, a non 12-step approach, can be taken that has proven very successful for many people where all else has failed.  Essentially, the 12-step model is a diseased based model where alcoholism and drug addiction are an illness, for some, this is very empowering because it allows them to let go of control and take the guidance as set out in these programs.  For others, conceptualizing their issues as an illness or disease is not helpful at all and a different, more secular view can be taken and huge progress can be made in very little time.

A holistic non 12-step approach incorporates the idea that the body and mind are connected and that addiction can stem from past issues that have not been dealt with and focuses on these issues instead of on the idea of “not drinking” or “not using” alone.

How does it work?

Non 12-step rehab works by combining a number of different methods in order to achieve the greatest possible results.  This type of treatment is considered to be self-empowering and can be customized to fit the need of each individual and can include psychotherapy, holistic techniques, evidence-based treatment models and in some cases group therapy.  Group therapy can be very useful for people who are competitive or like to see their progress in a group with other people.

By showing people what the causes and conditions under which they were using or drinking, a non 12-step method for treatment gives some a greater chance for sustained recovery because instead of “just not picking up the first drink/drug” they can think through what the trigger that caused them to want to drink or use in the first place was and work forward from there. 

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