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What is a drug intervention?

A drug intervention is when a person is unable or unwilling to seek treatment by him or herself. In this case, the close friends and family members may solicit the services of a drug intervention specialist that has performed hundreds if not thousands of successful interventions in the past. The professional interventionist along with friends and family members create a plan to intervene on the drug addict in a loving, but firm manner in a safe environment such as someone’s home. A successful drug intervention results in the individual agreeing to go to a drug treatment center either inpatient or outpatient.

Who can benefit from a drug intervention?

Individuals who have a long history with drug addiction and chronic relapse can benefit from a drug intervention. Additionally a person can benefit if they have a desire to stop using or drinking but cannot find the power within themselves to accumulate a significant period of continued sobriety. The family members and friends can also benefit from substance abuse intervention because they have had to put up with the addict’s

What happens after a drug intervention?

A successful drug intervention ends in the drug addict agreeing to accept treatment. Arrangements are made prior to the intervention usually with both transportation services and a treatment center. Often times the professional intervention specialist will be in contact with the individual and family for the duration of treatment and can also assist in making plans for aftercare, also known as extended care. Aftercare can include sober living, sober coaching, outpatient treatment services, therapy and group programs.

A professional intervention can help:

While you may at first feel more comfortable keeping the intervention within the family, you could be better served by considering a professional intervention. Drug interventions are inevitably very sensitive and can be painful for all involved. Emotions can flare up and you may end up saying things that are counterproductive. Using the services of a drug intervention specialist ensure that your family member does not feel judged and recognizes that you are trying to help. A professional interventionist is also better equipped to explain just what treatment will look like, and why the person needs it. A substance abuse intervention has the potential to come across in the wrong way, and a professional interventionist will keep it on track throughout, preventing the wrong message coming across, and helping everyone come to the best possible solution.

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