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All you need to know about luxury rehab facilities

What is a luxury rehab center?

It is a place where you can go to deal with substance abuse, mental health or other problems and still have all of the luxuries of home. They are not “lock-down” facilities and the programs are specifically customized to fit the exact needs and wants of the client. The environment is essential to the recovery process and having a beautiful location and unparalleled services and amenities is what sets luxury rehab center apart from other types of drug and alcohol rehab facility center. The ratio of staff to clients is much higher so that around-the-clock quality care is guaranteed. Clients meet with their individual therapist on a daily basis, and more often if needed, and can participate in exclusive activities such as swimming, various types of lessons, massage and fitness.

Private Drug Rehab Center

Going to a private drug rehab center is often not taken seriously in the media. Because of this, many people mistakenly believe that this kind of rehab is really a place for the wealthy and famous to use as a frivolous escape from their lives. The truth is, a luxury rehab is just as effective as any other program. There are actually many benefits to choosing a luxury rehab. These centers often have the best alcohol rehab facility, most innovative treatment methods and knowledgeable staff that are committed to helping individuals get started on their road to recovery. Luxury rehab center is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to focus on their recovery in a relaxed and comfortable setting free from distractions.

What sets these private drug rehab centers apart is attention to detail when it comes to treatment, a focus on maintaining serene environment and a holistic approach to healing. Patients are able to work one on one with a highly qualified staff member to tailor their treatment plan to their unique needs.

How long does treatment last?

The length of treatment can definitely vary from person to person.  For example, some people just need a brief period of rejuvenation in a luxury alcohol rehab facility to recharge and get back on track. Once a rapid detox has been done and other forms of holistic and traditional treatment methods have been administered, this can be as short as two weeks.  In other cases drug and alcohol use has really taken its toll on a person and one month or more of inpatient luxury treatment is needed.

Alcohol Rehab Facility

What are the Alcohol Rehab Facilities?

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab facility includes massage, equine therapy, surfing, private rooms and balconies, five-star chefs and restaurant-quality kitchens, aromatherapy, holistic therapy, massage, acupuncture, rapid detox, and yoga.  Having a spa and pool at the facilities is not uncommon. Clients are allowed to have access to their devices including cellular phones and computers. This is important as many private drug rehab centers include professionals, actors, celebrities, and executives who may need to be in contact with people in the outside world and it is unrealistic for them to be cut off from this amenity.

All of these options help patients immediately feel comfortable and at home during their stay. Even meals can be customized to fit an individual’s dietary needs, and patients can enjoy unique forms of therapy during their stay. All of this creates a more pleasant environment that allows a patient to really relax and focus on what they want to accomplish during their stay.

Why Choose a Private Drug Rehab Center?

A luxury rehab center is the best choice for anyone who places a high value on their independence and individualism. Many of these private drug rehab centers are known for taking a more compassionate approach to recovery. This is unique in that traditionally drug addicts and alcoholics have been treated with a “tough love” approach. There is also still a huge misconception in our culture of addicts being people who are weak in character and who have chosen to abuse drugs or alcohol. The truth is addiction is a disease, and it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who it affects.

Luxury Rehab Center

Pros And Cons Of A Luxury Rehab

Some of the pros of a luxury rehab center have already been mentioned. These include:

  • The most innovative approaches to treatment
  • Serene and private surroundings often in natural areas, like beaches, mountains, or the countryside.
  • Access to amenities like swimming pools, private rooms, and gourmet meals
  • Choosing from activities like surfing, horseback riding, and yoga.
  • The opportunity to try unique therapies such as equine therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and others.
  • A compassionate approach to treatment that focuses on your individual needs and background.
  • The opportunity to find total comfort and relaxation in order to fully focus on your recovery.

The only drawback of a private drug rehab center is the cost. Your insurance plan may not cover treatment, or may only cover a small portion of the cost. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance company first. You want to be able to enjoy the full benefits of staying in a luxury rehab. This means planning ahead to cover the costs for the length of time you need to make a full recovery.

How To Choose A Luxury Rehab Center That’s Right For You

Best Luxury Rehab for You

With so many alcohol rehab facility centers out there to choose from, it’s important to do research to find the one that’s right for you. Having the opportunity to make the choice yourself means a higher likelihood of finding long term recovery. This is because you will feel more in control of your own life and recovery, and will make a greater effort when it comes to making positive changes in your life.
Some factors that should be taken into consideration include:

  • Location
  • Cost of treatment
  • Length of stay
  • The types of treatment methods offered
  • The rehab’s approach to treatment
  • The effectiveness of their treatment methods
  • Amenities that they offer
  • If they have a spiritual or religious approach
  • If families are allowed to visit during a stay
  • The history of the rehab center
  • If patients are allowed to leave the center during a stay

It’s a good idea to narrow your choices down to a few rehabs, then talk to each one to find out more about the success rates of their patients and to address any other concerns you may have. You want to be sure the alcohol rehab facility they offer is really worth the cost. Another thing to consider is if the luxury rehab center offers certain therapies or activities that interest you or that would be especially beneficial for your recovery. For example, yoga or meditation are great tools for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression along with addiction. If you’re interested in a holistic approach to healing, a private drug rehab center that offers this would also be beneficial. Take any co-occurring disorders into consideration as well. Find out if the luxury rehab center you’ve chosen can offer treatment for them.

Why Your Choice Matters In Recovery

One of the most important decisions you can make in your life is to enter rehab. This is why your choice matters so much, and your ability to have control when it comes to the treatment you receive. Alcoholism and drug addiction can completely take over a person’s life, sometimes for years or even decades. Going to private drug rehab center is often the first opportunity to take back control of your life, and finally, steer it in the direction you want. This is simply the first step in a series of choices that will allow you to be free from addiction or alcoholism.

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