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Do Natural Healing Centers Work For Addiction?

Natural Healing Center

Over the past few years, there has been a cultural move towards natural healing. Especially in America, with the capitalistic ambitions of big pharmaceutical corporations, people are turning towards natural solutions to health problems. This comes through particularly strongly in natural healing centers for certain physical and mental illnesses.

But should you trust a natural healing center for drug and alcohol addiction? Addiction treatment centers have spent decades on the development of treatment programs, with modern medical and therapeutic solutions. Is it possible that natural healing has more to offer?

Addiction Treatment vs Natural Healing

Addiction treatment centers take a number of approaches to treating substance abuse. They prescribe medication when the doctors feel it is necessary and poses few dangers. They offer modern therapeutic treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

Natural healing centers eschew traditional medical techniques. This means they tend to avoid the use of modern medications like antidepressants. Rather, they place a particular focus on healing therapies, lifestyle changes, and nutritional guidance. Most significantly, they avoid using a medical model to determine health and wellness.

In particular, for people who prefer eating organic food and avoiding man-made chemicals in what they consume, natural healing may be particularly attractive. But can you trust natural healing centers to provide competent treatment for substance abuse?

Integrative Substance Abuse Treatment

Over the first two decades of the twenty-first century, the mental health field progressively discovered that alternative healing had value even in a medical model. This is why practices like mindfulness became so popular. The field of psychology began to recognize that this ancient Eastern tradition had more to offer than many modern Western techniques.

The best mental health treatment centers have integrated mindfulness into their treatment programs. The same is true of other natural healing techniques. They haven’t simply been offered as alternatives to those interested – rather, they have become key to healing.

Addiction treatment centers have also discovered that a holistic, integrative approach to substance abuse treatment is more effective. They see the great leaps modern substance abuse treatment has taken over the past few decades, but understand that it should not be mutually exclusive to natural healing.

The reality is that most natural healing centers are not equipped to treat substance abuse issues. They do not necessarily have the medical expertise to safely manage a recovering addict’s detox. They may not have the training in helping recovering addicts manage cravings.

On the other hand, addiction treatment centers that integrate natural healing have the best of both worlds. They offer programs designed to bring the two worlds together, giving recovering addicts the best chance of recovery.

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