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What to Expect During Dug Detox

Addiction is a complicated illness to treat, in part due to the fact that addicts need to face both mental and physical challenges. The two are so closely intertwined that addicts sometimes struggle to pinpoint which is the major driving factor at any one time.

However, when it comes to getting clean, the physical always has to come first. People who have become dependent on drugs cannot simply stop using them. It can be very dangerous to quit “cold turkey.” Furthermore, the withdrawals are so painful that few, if any, can retain the discipline to keep from using. When your body feels like it will not survive, the choice to stay clean is difficult to rationalize.

For this reason, anyone dependent on substances needs a thorough drug detox before starting other forms of rehabilitation.

Drug Detox


Withdrawing from certain drugs can be physically dangerous. Your body has become dependent on the substance, and will face severe deficiencies without it. It will take time for your body to adapt, during which your body is at risk of not functioning adequately and you will experience withdrawals.

The following are some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal

  • Sweating
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Muscle aches
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Tremors
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

A drug detox at a detox or rehabilitation center will help you gradually withdraw from the substance, at the safest pace possible. They may provide safer substances that act as a substitute for the drug and which are easier to stop using.

When attempting to detox alone, it is extremely difficult not to go in search of the substance when the pain becomes difficult to bear. In addition, the substance has been replacing chemicals which cause you to feel pleasure and joy, along with other antidepressant qualities. Without the substance, the body needs to start producing more of these chemicals. No matter how much you determine not to use, you will have little control over your feelings.

The detox center or rehab will not only minimize the symptoms of withdrawal, but will also prevent you from going back to the substance.

Options For A Drug Detox

There are a number of detox centers throughout the US. These range from state-funded and non-profits, to luxury detox centers and rehabs. For those who have the money, a luxury detox treatment center makes the whole process easier. You can expect more comfort, personal attention, and a higher level of anonymity.

Nonetheless, you can successfully detox at any of the centers available. It will always be difficult, but it is the first step towards regaining a handle on your life.

Medicaid, medicare, and the ACA all offer funding for detox and substance abuse treatment in general. Find out what your insurance offers if you’re concerned about the cost of a center.

What Comes Next?

Detox is not an isolated cure for drug addiction. While it can get you through the withdrawal phase, it will not provide you strategies to stop from using again in future.

After the detox period, you will no longer feel the effects of withdrawal. However, you will still feel strong cravings. These are both physical and mental. Your body still craves the substance, and will quickly becoming dependent again if you use it.

You have also not yet dealt with the issues underlying the mental need for the substance. Many individuals suffering from drug addiction have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety that the substance relieves to some extent. Alternatively, the substance helps them forget about certain life circumstances that feel overwhelming.

Even a person who starts using substances recreationally will eventually rely on them as coping mechanisms. They become a quick fix for whatever is going wrong.

Taking away the substance does not account for the struggles you face in your personal life. In fact, those same struggles may now seem even more overwhelming. Going back to the substance may be the only solution you know.

All of which is why you need the time and resources to learn new coping mechanisms. You need to learn to live without the substance, and in such a way that you no longer see drugs as a necessary evil.

Entering Rehab

If the drug detox program you use is run by a rehab facility, they will likely expect you to stay for the duration of the rehabilitation process. During this time, they will provide you with counseling and support groups, as well as courses that teach you the skills you need to live a satisfied life outside.

If you entered a drug detox not connected to a rehab facility, they will refer you and verify that you have detoxed with them.

While detox is tough on a physical level, rehab will challenge you mentally. The good news is that you’ll be in a good place to take on that challenge, with a healthy body and the knowledge that you have what it takes to live without drugs.

Holistic Treatment

Treatment of any illness is most effective when you take a holistic approach. With drug addiction, it is imperative. You cannot treat the mental symptoms without first treating the physical dependence, but treating the physical alone is not enough.

Drug detox is a major step towards living the life you have always dreamed of. A detox center will help you make that a reality, with all the facilities, resources, and personnel necessary.

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