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Why Luxury Rehab Is Important In Treating Substance Abuse

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Over the last few years, luxury rehabs have become increasingly popular. There are more luxury options than ever before, and more people have access to them, with some insurance plans covering part or all of the bill. These rehabs provide great care and deliver on their commitments. Naturally, they’re also more attractive to potential residents than other rehab centers.

However, there are plenty of skeptics who see luxury rehab as little more than an indulgence. Some go as far as to say luxury rehab is “rewarding bad behavior.” But this is missing the point entirely. Rehab is not a destination for people who have behaved badly. It is a place of recovery for people suffering from different types of substance abuse.

Of course, a comfortable environment makes recovery a little bit easier no matter the illness. But the advantages of luxury rehab exceed simple comfort.

Here are the reasons why luxury rehab is important for many people battling addiction.

Space To Focus On Recovery

In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed what is now known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. His theory suggested that people are only able to pursue lofty goals, such as self-growth and actualisation, if all their basic needs are taken care of. In other words, someone struggling to survive is not going to have the physical energy or mindspace to even consider becoming their best selves.

This theory has since been challenged by psychologists and philosophers, who point out that many great people thrived in adversity. However, for the most part, Maslow’s hierarchy describes the experience of most people.

People who enter rehab are, in a sense, struggling to survive. They have become mentally and physically dependent on substances. For this reason, detox is crucial before recovery begins in earnest. After detox, luxury rehab helps ensure that residents feel taken care of. Residents of luxury rehabs feel secure, knowing that there are always enough excellent professionals on hand if they feel in danger from their own cravings. And they do not have to adapt to living conditions that are different to what they’re used to.

Luxury rehab does not exempt residents from taking responsibility for themselves, carrying out certain chores, or doing things for the good of the rehab’s community. However, it ensures that what they are focusing on is entirely geared towards recovery from addiction and nothing else.

Individual Attention

Group sessions and communal living are certainly important in recovery from addiction. Residents learn from their interactions with each other, and help each other with stories of their own experiences.

However, individual attention is also incredibly important. One-on-one therapy is a requirement at any treatment center, and each person needs to do a lot of work alone with a therapist or member of staff.

Luxury rehabs have greater resources than other centers, and can therefore offer a higher level of individual attention. Therapy sessions can occur more often, and when a resident feels particularly troubled or is going through a crisis, they always have someone to talk to.

Furthermore, treatment is better crafted to suit each individual’s needs. Addiction presents itself in many forms, and although certain characteristics are present in every recovering addict, they are also all very different. More staff, and more individual attention, allows for more personalized recovery program.

This also ensures that no one’s process is overlooked. By the time someone leaves, the staff have been able to keep good track of their progress, without having to make assumptions based on group interactions or short check-ins.

Holistic Treatment

Addiction is an illness that affects a person’s entire being, both physical and mental (and for some people, spiritual). This is why most rehabs have a detox facilities unit before the recovery program begins, and why detox alone is not enough. Every recovery center provides some level of holistic treatment, focusing on different aspects of the mind and the body.

Luxury rehab, however, is able to offer holistic treatment for substance abuse at a much higher level. Every aspect of a resident’s life is looked at, from nutrition to exercise to work to emotional wellness to physical health. By the time they leave rehab, they have worked on a plan that takes into account everything they will encounter on the outside, both internally and externally

Due to the range of resources available, there doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach, either. Some addicts are drawn to more existential or spiritual solutions, and can learn meditation techniques while engaging in finding meaning in their illness. Others are drawn to creative expression, and attend art therapy or writing workshops. Still others take to a much more physical approach, and improve their mental health through exercise. Most residents are drawn to, and can be helped with, a wide variety of these approaches, all working in tandem with each other.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Another advantage of luxury rehab is their ability to provide newer, cutting-edge solutions. Addiction is a complex illness with no simple cure, and treatment should not be stuck in the distant past. However, most rehabs are not able to afford treatments that are not available on a wide scale.

As new treatments are tested and found to be effective to some degree, they become available at luxury rehabs. They may not work for everyone, but as we mentioned, addiction recovery can never be one-size-fits-all.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, many luxury rehabs are situated in picturesque, luxurious locations. Whether they are near the ocean, in the mountains, or in a remarkable desert, they make for the perfect environment in which to improve one’s mental wellness. Beautiful landscapes can set one’s creativity alight, while giving them a sense of peace within themselves and with the world. These may not be conducive locations to live outside of rehab, but they couldn’t be more ideal for the time period in which one is in recovery.

Luxury rehabs provide tremendous benefits, and are certainly not just a matter of comfort. The level of care you or your loved one will receive at luxury rehab is second-to-none. The resources and locations are conducive to healing. And instead of being a disorientating process, you will immediately secure.

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