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5 Things The Best Rehabs In The US Have In Common

As of 2019, there were almost 16,000 rehab centers in the United States. California had the biggest share by far, with almost 1,800. That might seem like a massive pool to choose from if you are considering substance abuse treatment.

Of course, you can narrow them down according to which centers take your insurance, where you can find a spot, and refine your search according to past reviews. However, when it comes down to choosing the right rehab for you in California or throughout the US, there are some pointers you can take into account.

Best Rehabs in The US

The best rehabs in the US all have the following 5 things in common.

1. Dual diagnosis

All good rehab centers are dual diagnosis. This means they treat co-occurring disorders, which are incredibly common in addiction. For this purpose, they have mental health professionals with extensive experience in treating addiction and other mental illnesses.

Programs in dual diagnosis centers are geared towards treating addiction and mental illness in tandem. They understand that you cannot treat one without the other, and incorporate both into every aspect of the program.

2. Physical health professionals

Addiction is not just a mental illness. It is a physical illness too, in that your body becomes dependent on a substance. You feel physical cravings, as your physiology adapts to expect regular doses. When getting treatment for addiction, it is ideal that there are physical health professionals available to ensure your recovery is safe, through detox and the program itself, and that any damage you have done to your body is healing.

3. Holistic approach

The best substance abuse treatment centers do not take a narrow view when it comes to recovery. Rather, they take a holistic approach. This means that they incorporate alternative healing modalities, such as mindfulness, art therapy, and occupational therapy. They also provide help for every aspect of your life, including nutrition and exercise, as keeping yourself balanced is key to a sustainable recovery.

4. Outpatient programs

Recovery does not end when you walk out the door after completing the program. In fact, you are particularly vulnerable at this point as you adapt to normal life. The best US rehab centers have great outpatient programs which help you take what you have learned into the outside world. This program will be less intensive than the inpatient program, but will expect you to continue putting in the work.

5. Amenities

To recover from substance abuse disorders, you do not need to be living in a 5 star hotel. However, with better amenities, your recovery is also better facilitated. The best rehabs have comfortable facilities, as well as space for exercise, alternative therapies, and leisure. While you will still work hard and take on responsibilities in these centers, you will be able to focus on doing so when it truly matters.

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