Drug Detox

What is a drug detox?

A drug detox is the process of the physical detoxification of a person’s body from alcohol and drugs.  This process is essential in helping a person get clean or sober who has a prolonged period of use and is unable to stop using due to withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  When a person is entering into a treatment center, it is generally recommended that they are assessed for the need of a drug detox.

A person’s body over time builds of a tolerance to drugs and is able to function with a certain amount of toxins flowing through it.  When an individual decided to get treatment and is no longer adding additional toxins to the body, the body can go into shock.  A medical drug detox takes place with the supervision of medical professionals and addiction specialists and decreases medical risks associated with a person trying to recover from addiction.

At-home or inpatient drug detox?

Individuals who try to get and stay off drugs by themselves almost inevitably fail – it is very difficult to go through withdrawal or at-home detox and usually people just stay on the drugs instead of actually following through.  An inpatient drug detox is ideal for anyone who is serious about making changes in their lives when it comes to drug addiction.

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