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Rediscover Yourself In Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When one checks into drug and alcohol rehab centers they begin the process of recovery. They also begin the process of rediscovery. For many entering rehab for their first time it means coming face to face with a person they have been avoiding seeing for years; themselves.  They have to be honest with themselves and come to terms with things in their life that may have brought them to this point and the groundwork that lie ahead.

Your Diagnosis

After the detox program, for many people, the first few days of rehab means receiving their first diagnosis. Although many entering treatment may already be aware of a previous diagnosis of alcoholism or mental health, for some it’s the first time. Several have been misdiagnosed or unaware of their dual diagnosis. They may have recognized their addictive behavior but perhaps not realized an underlying mental health concern. Some can take a new diagnosis as a shock while others find their diagnosis to be a relief. Once a patient is diagnosed, they along with the treatment staff work as a team to lay out an individualized treatment plan.
Rediscover Yourself In Rehab

Education and Therapy

During the beginning of treatment, patients learn about their disease. They learn about the science of their conditions, their own biological origins and learn about the ways in which treatment can help. They also begin individual therapy with a mental health and addiction professional. In therapy they can explore their past, their causes and further discuss treatment options. Patients delve deep into their symptoms, destructive habits, toxic relationships and environments, negative thinking patterns and compulsive actions. They learn how to recognize their particular triggers create healthier coping mechanisms and behavior.

In group therapy, patients can connect and support others that although have a different plan, are going through similar feelings. Within the recovery community,  people are able to form stronger social connections and deeper friendships in rehab, more so than in their home life.

Self Love

One of the most important things someone can rediscover in rehab is self love. In recovery, patients often understand that they are worth recovery and focus on becoming the truest version of themselves. They can acknowledge their unhealthy past behavior and work towards being better for themselves. They learn to have compassion for themselves and their story and accept that their recovery is the most important thing.

In treatment they can find their peace as well as their motivation. When they take the time to look inward and get to know themselves, they open up to reconnecting with people they lost touch with, especially family members. They can also rediscover old hobbies and interests they lost when they lost touch with themselves.

Your Plan

Once rehab is complete, patients have a better understanding of who they are, where they want to be and what they need to do to get them there. They come out of rehab centers in US with a plan that is their own. They set their new goals and often reestablish goals they once held long before they entered rehab. Patients rediscover that despite their challenges they can love themselves, trust themselves and live a purposeful and meaningful life like everyone else.


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