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Why People Choose the Desert Climate to Heal

Your environment can have a significant impact on your physical and psychological health especially when you are in recovery. When people are in a vulnerable state it is important to be in place where they feel at peace and can experience healing. Many people choose the desert as a location for their recovery because it has natural healing powers and can positively influence a person’s well-being.

The desert is often a top choice for wellness centers and retreats and health conscious people tend to be drawn to the desert climate. Many beautiful desert cities such as Joshua Tree and Sedona are known as healing places where people can go to improve their health and well-being. The warm, dry climate of the desert and natural beauty tend to boost the mood and promote numerous lifestyle benefits.

Recovery centers located in the desert offer patients the chance to take time away from the busy and stressful environment of the city and reconnect with nature. Living in major cities is known to be strenuous on our physical and mental health while remote, natural healing places can be more conducive to recovery. The desert can be the perfect place to start a new and healthier lifestyle.

Temperature and Environment can impact on Health

Temperature and Environment

The warmth of the desert can be healing to the body and mind, especially for people that experience cold and harsh winters in their hometown. Coldness and damp can put stress on the body, especially the joints and make it more difficult to stay active. The warm and dry temperature of the desert is more relaxing for the body and allows people to be more mobile.

The sunshine that is so constant in the desert can also have many healing properties. People who experience dark winters often are more vulnerable to developing depression symptoms. Being in a sunnier climate can have a positive effect on the mood and provides people with a healthy dose of vitamin D which can transform their health. The sun can give people joy and energy that is difficult to find in colder locations.

One of the major benefits of being in the desert is the opportunity to spend time with nature and feel more connected to the earth. As human beings, we need contact with nature from time to time because we are wired to love and explore the natural world. People are drawn to images of nature because it makes us feel calm as we experience its beauty.

The desert is full of natural beauty with rugged cliffs, natural rock formations, mountains, and healing vegetation. Looking at desert scenes can be peaceful and inspiring for people in recovery. In a beautiful place people are naturally more optimistic and motivated in their goals.

Activities and Exercise

Another healing aspect of spending time in the desert is the chance to be more active and get exercise outdoors. The desert climate typically offers multiple opportunities to hike, climb, swim, and many other activities. People are often more energetic in the desert because the days are warm and sunny and they can pursue more exciting types of exercise than simply going to the gym.

Hiking and exercising outdoors can be good for the mind and body as being active outside has many psychological benefits. Studies show that hiking and soothe and reduce mental fatigue while improving your memory and reasoning. It is also good for your heart, lungs, blood pressure and many other aspects of your physical health.

People in recovery can benefit from being more active because it can help them detoxify, fight cravings and ward off boredom or restlessness. Exercise is an important part of a sober lifestyle and being active in the desert can encourage people to stay committed to their new activity level. Maintaining a good activity level helps prevent depression and gives people a boost of confidence and energy.

Treatment in the Desert

There are many reasons the desert provides healing opportunities no matter what problem you are dealing with. The desert can be particularly beneficial for people in need of a lifestyle change because they have harmed their health through substance abuse. In the desert they can recuperate and start to change their habits in a way that will allow them to be healthier permanently.

Getting treatment in a natural location like the desert can help you get through some of the most difficult aspects of recovery. You are less likely to become bored, anxious or depressed when you have the chance to explore a beautiful environment. The healing power of the desert can make the challenge of recovery much easier.

If you are interested in experiencing treatment or any kind of lifestyle change in the desert there are numerous wellness and recovery centers throughout the southwest for people looking to improve their health.

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