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The primary focus of rehab should be to transform your life and replace the negative habits of drug or excessive alcohol use with more positive ways of living life, being a part of a community, and coping with stress. At the same time, many rehabs offer more than bare-bones service, doing whatever they can to make you comfortable and give you a wonderful experience as you start the work of self-transformation. The experience celebrities have undergoing rehab in the most luxurious settings possible can be yours as well.

By giving you a higher quality of amenities, more personal care, and a greater diversity of treatment options, luxury addiction rehab facilities can make your recovery process more pleasant, and more holistic, focused on all aspects of your thriving. This in turn can help make your commitment to sobriety easier to make and show longer-lasting effects. To help you find out which luxury drug rehab is right for you, here are a few qualities that can affect the type of experience you will have.

Large number of qualified and committed staff

The quality of the treatment team will have the largest impact on your ability to learn how to make a commitment to sobriety. Educated and experienced staff can put their time and energy into showing you compassion and providing you with the right tools to create a real change in behavior. In order to really focus on you and give you the care you deserve, a quality rehab should strive for a low client-to-staff ratio.

Evidence-based programs:

The main focus of your rehab experience should be the aspects that have been scientifically shown to have made the biggest difference in reducing relapse long-term. This includes peer-based group therapy or support meetings, and one-on-one meetings with a therapist and case manager. In a support group, you can form supportive relationships with other people who can identify with the issues you are struggling with, and receive support, encouragement, and empathy from them. A therapist and case manager are able to give you direct care designed specifically for your needs, and their input can make the biggest difference in how you approach the beginning of your recovery. The relationships you form with people, and the openness you have to input from those around you, can make the biggest difference in the success of your rehab experience.


At the same time, there are many different tools that may connect well with one person. An openness to trying new ideas and activities increases the chance you may discover something that offers a great deal of help and support in recovery. Group trust-building activities, sports, outdoor activities, art and music therapy, meditation or other spiritual practices, and yoga may not be offered by your typical rehab but may make a huge difference. In your treatment, it can be helpful to be open to a variety of activities, trying things to see if they help you or bring joy.


Inpatient rehab offers a significantly higher rate of success than other forms of addiction treatment because it offers you a full break from your normal life, so you can focus totally on recovery, healing your body and mind, and transforming your behavior. An enclosed, residential space with delicious food, comfortable surroundings, and high-quality facilities can show you how to enjoy the sober life, as well as build up your sense of self-worth.

Success Rate

Have people who have gone through the program before said it made a difference? A relapse of a well-entrenched addiction might not necessarily be a sign of failure, but a quality rehab experience should equip people to maintain their sobriety, and make their commitments as strong as possible. Accessible and thoughtful aftercare, and opportunities for alumni to volunteer and make a difference in other people’s lives, can help people continue along the path to recovery.

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