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Executive Drug Rehab, Addiction Treatment Programs, & Private Rehabs

Addiction can affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The stigmatizing stereotypes of someone brought down into total poverty or “hitting bottom” because of their addiction ignores the many people who are “high functioning” addicts. Many people may have busy and successful careers, or seem to be doing well on the outside, but live a secret double life where they are overpowered by an addiction to drugs or alcohol. High functioning addiction can be sustained through powerful denial. You might think that because you are able to “manage” your addiction or not let it interfere with work, that’s it’s not a big deal. The truth is, eventually your addiction will affect your health, work, or home life. Continuous substance abuse has a way of escalating, getting worse and worse until your problems get too big to escape. The good news is you don’t have to wait for a tragedy or high-risk situation to acknowledge your need for help in combating an addiction out of your control.

For a high functioning addicts in need of treatment, executive rehab programs can be an ideal choice. These programs are specifically designed to provide you a comfortable experience and be convenient for your needs while also providing space to confront your denial and make real steps for a changed life.

Qualities of Executive Addiction Treatment Programs:

While any drug rehab program will offer valuable resources to help you confront your addiction issues and move forward in a new life, an executive rehab experience has a few important essentials that can help you control your confidentiality and stay connected with work. A few resources an executive program might make available to you include:

  • The option of a private room
  • Comfortable and quality furnishings
  • Discretion; the staff should be instructed to not share information about your participation without your permission
  • Private conference rooms
  • Access to phones and computers
  • Catered healthy meals
  • Exercise facilities, as well as a number of outdoor activities

There are options designed to give you as comfortable an experience as possible, resources so you can stay connected with your job and keep up an active life, and protection so your participation doesn’t cause problems with work.

Getting the Most Out of Private Executive Rehab:

There are a lot of private, luxury, and executive rehabs in the U.S., one of which may be just the right fit for your needs. The path to sobriety is not going to be an easy one, but will involve rigorous self-examination and taking steps to transform how you respond to stress, what you do to enjoy life, and alternative ways of responding to your strong cravings. The steps to a rehab experience include:

  • Intake, where you are medically and psychologically examined to determine your needs
  • Medical detox, where you can be treated and monitored as you rest and let your body heal itself from the immediate effects of having drugs in its system
  • One-on-one therapy, where you work with a trained counselor to deal with issues behind your addiction and new ways of coping
  • Peer support groups, where you can safely connect with other people in the program, and share experiences and give support, encouragement, and advice to one another.
  • Post-treatment support, or aftercare, where you can continue to have support and resources to remain sober after your time in residential rehab is complete.

Throughout every step, you can do a lot to ensure your success in the program. Be as honest with people as you possibly can. People struggling with addiction are used to denying their problems, and getting better means facing up the truth. The councilors will do everything they can to keep treatment confidential and judgement-free, and you can do your part by working up the courage to tell them everything. This new phase of honesty can help people know what steps to help you in your recovery, and also help you commit your whole being to sobriety.

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