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Specialty Treatment at Luxury Rehab

People who attend rehab often have very specific needs that need to be addressed and they might look for unique kinds of treatment. Standard rehab centers can have limited treatment approaches and often have a “one size fits all” type of program that doesn’t work for everyone. People in need of specialty treatment might instead benefit from a luxury rehab that offers a greater variety of treatment types for the best possible recovery.

Most standard rehab centers offer individual therapy but they may only have one type of therapy available. Their counselors may only be trained to offer cognitive behavioral therapy or something similar that can be effective for most people but may not be enough in certain special cases. Some people may be looking for unique options that are not available at every rehab program because they have special needs.

Specialty Treatment at Luxury Rehab

One of the biggest reasons people look for luxury rehab as a treatment option is because it offers them more opportunities to personalize their recovery. Luxury programs have more specially trained staff, more therapy options, activities and different amenities that make it possible to cater to each individual person. When it comes to specialty treatment, luxury rehab is the best solution to finding the treatment that is right for you.

Different Types of Therapies

While the most common type of therapy used in rehab treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy there are many other options that can be beneficial. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT focuses on helping you recognize and cope with situations that trigger the desire to use alcohol or drugs. This is an essential skill but there may be other special needs that patients require in treatment.

Another type of therapy that may be available in luxury rehabs is known as contingency management therapy. This is a type of therapy that uses positive reinforcement such as rewards or privileges to motivate people to remain drug-free. The rewards can also be used to encourage patients to attend and participate in counseling sessions.

Aside from positive reinforcement therapies people can also benefit from options like dialectical behavioral therapy. This is a type of therapy that combines CBT with practical approaches to help improve problem behaviors. Patients are given specific homework assignments to apply what they learn in therapy to their real life so that they are able to improve emotional regulation.

Some luxury rehabs also offer cutting edge therapies that are the latest in treatment techniques. Options like EDMR or eye movement and desensitization reprocessing is a type of treatment designed specifically to improve symptoms of trauma. EDMR can be helpful in assisting patients with post-traumatic stress disorder or other issues associated with trauma which contribute to their substance abuse problems.

More alternative types of therapy can be available at luxury rehabs in the form of options like animal-assisted therapy. This type of therapy can incorporate different animals such as cats, dogs or horses into the treatment process. Patients can learn how to care for these animals so that they develop important qualities such as patience, trust, affection and responsibility.

Holistic Therapy Options in Luxury Rehab

One of the benefits of luxury rehab is that you not only have a wide range of different psychological therapies, but you also are provided with holistic therapies that help heal the mind, body and spirit. Some standard rehabs also offer certain holistic therapies but luxury rehabs tend to have more diverse options available for patients to try.

Therapies like acupuncture can be helpful for patients with any physical ailments or issues with sleep, relaxation or cravings. Acupuncture can be an effective way to improve energy flow and allow people to feel more balanced. It can be very helpful as part of the recovery process to help patients reach their treatment goals.

Some luxury rehabs might also offer other kind of eastern therapies such as reiki or pranic which are designed to reduce negative energy and increase positive energy flow. Reiki practitioners can help clear out blockages or stagnation in a person’s life force energy so that the patient will feel better, think more clearly and get rid of pain or negativity. Trying out these kinds of alternative therapies can give patients more options to relax and feel better throughout treatment.

There are certainly many people in standard rehab programs who don’t need extra variety in their treatment and are able to succeed with only the essentials. However, for those who need special attention and care or who want to be able to try different options to find the therapy that works best for them then luxury rehab might be the best choice. Having multiple types of therapy can improve your success rate and help you heal faster in treatment.

If you are interested in specialty therapies, contact a luxury rehab center that offers the options that seem right to you.

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